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Life and all the rest:::: Get the facts: please also help yourselves with a truckload of salt!
Posted at 30.May,2006 23:44  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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I've been seeing these little "get the facts" adverts in some tech papers that target Malaysians.

I went to the microsoft site to get my self some facts.

However, it seems that one needs to take these with a grain (or a truckload) of salt.

The malaysian opensource community/company need to band together and put up some kind of site that gives the real facts about using either open source or proprietery solution.

I am not a bigot who thinks that microsoft s*cks and opensource r00lz. I think different problem requires different tools. And sometimes, microsoft does have the right tool.

Looking through the page, I think it's not the technology that's not there, but the implementation and the implementors.

Let's go through the list briefly and see some of the open source candidates:

  • sharepoint - any decent cms could fit well here. Being biased, I'd think Plone, or CPS or Silva would fit nicely. However, I have to note that I have no Sharepoint experience.
  • email - zimbra or scalix would actually work. Even any lamp stack will work well - sendmail/postfix/qmail + openwebmail/squirrelmail/imp would work, although it's not a "suite"
  • word and openoffice. it's hard when one proprietery format is deemed the standard. If everybody works with standard (odf probably) then any applications would work. Word don't even open openoffice format, iirc. If one wants to migrate, do it cold turkey. And demand the use of standard when exchanging documents.
  • ms small business server - linux/bsd + all the necessary - samba/ldap/webmin/apache/etc

In all these quoted experiences, I saw that it's us, ie the opensource community/company/personell, who actually give us a bad name.

Maybe it's some wannabe who knows little but acts as though he's l337 and charges a huge amount for the service.

Maybe it's us who just read the ads and the "testimonials" and say "Good for you, you $@#%".

What can we do? Can we work some kind of page (at my-opensource.org or iosn, maybe) to actually help people see the other side of the coin.

And you guys servicing these SMBs, be professional and give the best.

And SMBs, find the right company/personnel to implement your solution.

In all these episodes, opensource/linux/bsds/whathaveyou can actually help.

One can't expect to use Toyota parts for your proton. But one can use the same wrench.

Same logic here. Unless everyone talks standard, then there's no problem. See the Internet? Everybody talks the same standard (TCP/IP).

Oh, here's a good read for those who want to see the other side of the coin.

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