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python+zope++:: Fun with wikis
Posted at 07.Jan,2005 23:21  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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Wikis, they're every where now. Look at wikipedia.org. Man, that's a good reference to how to successfully use a wiki.

I'm thinking of using wikis for documenting stuff at work. I've thought about this some time ago too, but never got to the point of actually doing it. Now it's crunch time. Bit the bullet, installed Zwiki and created an ice breaker page.

Zwiki is a great product that installed in a jiffy. Come to think of it, most Zope products can be installed in a jiffy :)

Zwiki can be used standalone (in zope) and on top of plone.

My only fear is that other friends will find wikis daunting.

First of, I think most of them has close to no experience with wikis. Second, formatting with structured text needs some getting use to.

Also, I thought of versioning the wikis. Anybody done this?

Maybe wget every night, and do a svn commit? Ideas?

Here's hoping the ball got off the field.

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