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python+zope++:: FOSSCAR: me == speaker?
Posted at 28.Jul,2006 18:38  Comments 0 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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It rained! And the rain drowned whatever it was I was babling:P

The story thus far ...

I looked at the time. Man, 2:15 pm already and I'm still in Bangsar.

I was supposed to lead a workshop "Building websites with Zope (2)" at 3:30 pm. And rushed I did.

The organizer did a great job and I got to do the workshop in a Banquet Hall. There were not that many people, and what ever I was saying echoed through the hall :P

The workshop was about building websites with Zope with the default products. I copied fosscar.com and used the source to build a similar site with Zope utilizing Page templates, DTML Document (for contents) and Ordered Folder, and nothing else.

It was a simplistic view of what can be done with Zope. I hope I did give a good impression.

To those who were there and couldn't understand whatever I blabbered, you are welcome to mal me!

If others are interested, I'll put the zexp up for grabs.

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