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Linux++:::: How to convert movies to flash, or how to sing Negaraku.
Posted at 10.Aug,2006 13:11  Comments 3 / Trackbacks 0 / Like this post!
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I've been searching for ways to convert movies (avi, wmv, etc) to flash for better web experience.

The keyword "convert avi swf" didn't lead to anything promising.

Until last weekend. I stumbled on ways to convert movies to flash (flv) at DRM and Scott Yangs' Playground

It's not that hard, really.:

  • use ffmpeg to do the heavy lifting:: $ ffmpeg -i movie.avi -s 320x240 -r 15 -b 250 -ar 22050 -ab 48 movie.flv #ffmpeg may complain if I don't set ar and ab. $ ffmpeg -i movie.avi -f mjpeg -t 0.001 movie.jpg #for the preview
  • use flvtool2 to update the metadata. Some people say that the latest ffmpeg does that already, but I didn't see it. Maybe it was me.
  • post it on the web. Use FlowPlayer so that we get that YouTube like experience.

The latest FlowPlayer can be skinned and play from a playlist.

Here's the result of my experiment.

My son (4+ yrs old) singing Malaysia's National Anthem (Negaraku).

There's some audio sync problem that's related to the way I use ffmpeg, methinks. If you know why, do tell.

Also, Firefox 1.0.7 on Linux won't play the audio.

My next step is to use Zope and python (and Ruby :P) to automate all these steps so that users can submit videos. External method + ZClass would be fast. Zope Product - maybe.

We'll see how much time I got!

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I like it..


I experienced no sound syncing problem with my Firefox Thanks for this article. I also want to convert my mpg files to flv and ur article really helps.

thanks again.

zamri  at 08.Sep,2006 10:55
great to hear

that the audio is in sync. share with us the mpg? :)

kedai  at 08.Sep,2006 14:35

good article,But i think ffmpeg is too simple and i all through use WS video to flash encoder,Cause its function is

diversiform and the conversion speed and quaity is high ...

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jessy  at 04.Feb,2009 15:32
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