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Who - kedai (a) kedai . com . my
Where - Malaysia
What - we do zope/plone, linux solution for network, vpn, mail, etc

Zope, kde and webdav

I've used webdav with zope and kde some times ago, and thought it'd be great if I document the steps so that I don't forget, and hopefully others will benefit from the experience.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2004-04-21 18:11:30

zope list as a slot

Here's how to use KebasData to get the latest post to the zope list as plone slot.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2004-03-03 14:56:09

zopectl b0rked on some linux kernel version and osx

There's a message in the zope list stating that zopectl that ships with zope2.7.0 did not work properly. The symptoms differ in linux and osx.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2004-02-19 11:39:26

Zope2.7, plone 2 and

After the release of zope 2.7.0 and plone 2, i thought it'd be good to actually run on released software. The zope upgrade was no problem.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2004-02-16 17:48:18

Building menu and menubars with Boa-constructor

This is more of a note to self, and probably would help others. I've played with boa-constructors previously, *played* being the operative word. Here's how to create a menubar/menu item with boa-constructor.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2004-02-06 11:14:13 on plone 2

I finally took the plunge, and migrated from plone1.x to plone 2rc5 Some manual tuning was needed, since I used ZopeZen skin previously.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2004-01-31 22:45:39

Debian and HP dl360

I got my self a brand new HP DL360, 1 G RAM and 2 CPUs. And I thought it's about time I get to know Debian. It was not love at first sight...

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2004-01-30 10:43:56

zope 2.6.3 and PropertySheets

I spent the wee hours of Sunday upgrading my sites to 2.6.3 Everything looks great. Refreshed, visited the sites .. cool, no problem. Or so i thought.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2004-01-13 09:28:05

zope 2.6.3, zope 2.7.0b4 and the need for upgrade

It was announced that all zope sites prior to versions 2.6.3 and 2.7.0b4 need to update.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2004-01-09 22:54:54

In with 04, out with 03

It's one hour and 34 minutes past midnight. we're in 2004 already. what can we expect?

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2004-01-01 01:11:56

zope 2.7 and LocalFs

After upgrading my zope instance to 2.7, LocalFs stopped working. IIRC, in zope2.6.x, at least an error saying that there's no docstring was given. In zope 2.7, zope returns a Not Found.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2003-12-30 12:35:23

kernel 2.6.0

kernel 2.6.0 was released a while back, and i took a few days to try it out.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2003-12-29 22:52:40

zope2.7 + plone 2 rc2

it's about time i stopped dilly dallying, and install plone2.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2003-12-21 21:27:01

KebasData and Plone

i've had this idea in my head since forever. it's now time to put ideas to actions. It seems only natural to use KebasData as plone slots, so that stuff from somewhere else can be used as though it's part of the plone site.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2003-12-16 14:23:19


yup. i'll be going on a long holiday. it's Eid ul Fitri.

  • Posted by kedai
  • Published: 2003-11-23 01:20:54

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